Training -Week 4ish?

I’m awful at nailing down when I started training for this marathon. All I’m certain of is the date I’m running it, the fact I won’t die (finishing is hopeful), and that I have a training plan.

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Race 22: Flag Day 5k

This race was a bit of a mess for me… It started off with me running quite close to being right on the nose to the start. I had an appointment with an allergist that ran far longer than I expected. It’s what I get for listening to my mother because the appointment should have been sooo much shorter than 2 hours…. Anyway, that deterred me from wearing my running gear to the doctor’s appointment and then driving straight to the race.

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Training Plans

A lot of what kept me from updating was that I was trying to nail down a training plan between running, quilting, and being social. Yes, quilting. People are having babies, I make ’em quilts. Running has taken up most of my time though. I started running my running club Monday nights at one of the local parks. Though I didn’t manage to make it this week… I was cat sitting and didn’t have enough time to stop home and head back out.

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As of May 30th, I will only need 10 more races to complete my 30 runs before 30 challenge that I tasked myself with. This doesn’t seem real to me! I expected things to be a bit more down to the wire. Running really does teach you to plan things out ahead of time.

With there being only a handful more races, I’m trying to debate which ones I’m going to do as well as space them out a bit. Since I’m beginning my marathon training officially in June, I’ve been trying to figure out what races will assist with some of my long runs. This is super helpful as it accomplishes two things at once! I can also budget my runs out a bit more as well as find weekends to just relax. I’m looking forward to relaxing.

So far I’ve got a handful of races that I’m eyeing in June. A local Cleveland half in August. And two races in July that count for my running club’s Grand Prix. I do want to fit in a summer tail race because the last ones I’ve completed have been a blast. We shall see when I get sent out again for fieldwork and what I sign up for now.

Race 19: Round up the Family 5k

I was in West Virginia/Virginia starting May 16th. Estimated return date was the 20th. We didn’t think we had too much to do and could easily breeze through what our tasks were. Well, things weren’t quite so easy, as per usual! Ended up staying until May 23rd to get everything finished.

That meant I was in Virginia over the weekend. The weather was in the high 80s to 90s most of the week, but was cooler over the weekend. I had been a bit bummed that I was missing running a race back home, so my coworker offered to run a race with me. I was a bit hesitant, not sure if we could find anything around rural Virginia. Somehow we managed to find the Round up the Family 5k in Henrico, VA. Henrico? Yeah… it’s a suburb of Richmond. Super nice little area!

The race itself was only in its second year, which was okay. Some things weren’t quite as polished as I’m used to, like the trail markings, but everything worked out. And yes, you read that right, trail markings, this was a trail race! Not nearly as exciting as the Dirty Love that I ran in February, but a very nice, very shady course with tons of hills! I immensely enjoyed myself.

Took things slow with being in the field all week pulling 10 plus hour days (most of them were about 12 hours of fun). Ran the entire thing in about 34 minutes, not too bad dealing with the change in weather and not having run at all the week prior to it!

Henrico 5k

There surprisingly wasn’t a shirt to go along with this race! Though I’m quite grateful for that now. We got a lovely medal along with a medium drinking cup and hand sanitizer. Was super glad for the hand sanitizer, not going to lie. It’s a great thing to have when you’re sweating our all your water and need to eat lunch.

Race 18: Run for Hunger 5k

I had meant to get this posted on Wednesday, but I only got back from fieldwork on Tuesday (the trip got a bit extended) and had to work the following day. I’m still trying to destress from all the crazy travel, but that’s normal.

So race 18 was a 5k with my work. It started at the Science Center with pre race music and fun. I’m not much of one for pre race festivities. I know I’ve got so many miles to run before I get back to the finish and have a few moments of feeling like shit before I hit the post race food. So against trying to delay that with distractions.

My work did raise about $600 for charity, which was great! Makes running the 3.1 miles feel a lot more worth it knowing more than your entry fee is going to the race charity. Very grateful that coworkers chipped in and we had a few others who walked or ran it. Made this a lot more fun for me knowing there were people to meet up with at the end. I started the race off pacing with a coworker and his wife, ultimately they were a bit too fast for me so I let them go on their merry way.

The course wasn’t too bad. I’m not a huge fan of running in downtown Cleveland; there aren’t many trees… But this was pretty for a course! Definitely felt fast. That was even with a few fantastic uphills (beginning AND end of the race). I ended up finishing in 33 minutes and 30 seconds. Not my best time, but pretty good for this season.


Race 17: Riverside Cares 5k

I ran race 17 two days after race 16. The Cinco dey Mayo 5k was on a Thursday. Riverside Cares was on a Saturday morning at 8.30a (my preferred time to race since I can easily justify a nap when I return home). It was also day three of the fantastic rain and chilly. About mid 40s with a nice steady pitter patter of rain. Not awful, but certainly not the best morning for a run. It seemingly kept a decent number of people way, though there was at least one other race the same morning.

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