Craft Break: Diamond Baby Quilt

I told you all I was busy with baby quilts! Here’s the second baby quilt I did within a month’s time.


This was for a sorority sister. I decided to reach out to her and see if she would like one. A number of my sorority sisters are having children and I wish I would have gotten a jump on doing other ones for some of them! But nonetheless, better late than never. I was challenged with a single photograph for what my sister was putting up in the child’s nursery.

ashley baby color scheme

I couldn’t help but do the diamonds after I saw this photo! The color scheme was a great inspiration as well.


I found the backing for the quilt before I decided on the colors for the front. While I could have chosen something muted like the back, I wanted the front to jump out a bit more. The triangles also proved to be an interesting challenge. I got the hang of them pretty quickly, but while sewing this all together it certainly felt like I was going no where as I put the rows together.


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