Race 26: Bay Days 5 Mile Race

The name of the race doesn’t hint at all which day of the week this race was, but it was a Tuesday. More specifically the Tuesday which the Fourth of July fell on. Bay Village is a city just to the west of Cleveland, and one I hadn’t frequented too often previously. It’s got a good handful of old homes, which made running this race a bit distracting!

Being so far outside my normal running radius I budgeted a bit more time than normal to get to the race, pick up my packet, and warm up. Good thing I did. The race’s website encouraged people to get to the area early. I didn’t think too much of the suggestion. Had no problem going in, grabbing my bib and shirt, and getting back out to my car before hitting the high school’s rest room. When I came back out, I could see why the race’s site suggested getting to the race so early. So. Many. People!! And what I experienced trying to get back outside was just a taste of what chaos lied ahead.

The race website stated this race started PROMPTLY at 8:30a the day of the race. I’d love to say that this were the case, but we started at least 8 minutes late. Likely to give people enough time to get from packet pick up to the start line. There was a bit of a distance between the two. I wasn’t too concerned about the delay, though I did want the race to start so I could begin my drive back home.

It again was warm and humid on top of my cold easing off. Made the run a bit easier than Sunday’s but not by much. I still took it slow. Which much to my amusement meant I was running by a couple with their dog. The gentleman was very charismatic, making friends with the spectators, trying to get people to come join him. I wager he was a local, but it made my running a lot easier!

The course must not change too much from year to year as there were a lot of people out on the course to cheer us on. And the best part was that a good number of these people either had their lawn sprinklers on or they moved ones close to the street for us. That was a nice break every now and again from the heat.

Now, I somehow managed to make a pretty steady pace as I finished in an hour, almost on the nose. No complaints from me, a 12 minute mile is pretty good for me, especially after Sunday’s race! And the tech shirt we got was also a nice bonus.



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