Race 22: Flag Day 5k

This race was a bit of a mess for me… It started off with me running quite close to being right on the nose to the start. I had an appointment with an allergist that ran far longer than I expected. It’s what I get for listening to my mother because the appointment should have been sooo much shorter than 2 hours…. Anyway, that deterred me from wearing my running gear to the doctor’s appointment and then driving straight to the race.

I got to the race and picked up my packet with 10 minutes to spare until I had to be at the start line. I parked not even 2 minutes away from the packet pickup which was very close to the start line. Managed the throw everything in my car, pin on my bib, and tighten my shoes up before making my way to the start. I was almost there too… The gun went off as I was about a hundred yards away from the start. I just jumped into the fray, completely forgoing crossing the start line. That start line just so happens to start your recorded time… I crossed over the 2 mile mark and finish, but nothing was recorded since I didn’t get to the start.

Regardless, I ran that race. The gun ended up going off early (I was chatting with the gentleman who organized the race and he was a bit dissapointed in that) but I finished and to me that’s what counts. I came in at about 36 minutes. Not too shabby for a jarring start and a really humid day!


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