Training Plans

A lot of what kept me from updating was that I was trying to nail down a training plan between running, quilting, and being social. Yes, quilting. People are having babies, I make ’em quilts. Running has taken up most of my time though. I started running my running club Monday nights at one of the local parks. Though I didn’t manage to make it this week… I was cat sitting and didn’t have enough time to stop home and head back out.

The marathon looms in the distant-ness of October, but I know that will be here before I know it. I’m still a wee bit freaked out by the 26.2 miles even though I don’t blink at running halfs. At the suggestion of a fellow group runner I looked back at Hal Higdon’s training plans and printed out a few that I could go off of. I’ve been pretty good about sticking to it so far. Been a bit off since the past few weeks have been crazy busy, but I have managed to get my long runs in.

Trying to get cross training in as well which is a bit more intimidating than the half. Need to locate my bike and that is a nightmare….


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