Race 23: Hurdy Durdy

As the race’s tagline says, “What’s a hurdy durdy? Who knows! But it’s sure fun to say…” I got another trail race in with the Western Reserve Racing group. Trail races are easily my favorite type of races to run, even if I have to walk a chunk of them.

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Race 22: Flag Day 5k

This race was a bit of a mess for me… It started off with me running quite close to being right on the nose to the start. I had an appointment with an allergist that ran far longer than I expected. It’s what I get for listening to my mother because the appointment should have been sooo much shorter than 2 hours…. Anyway, that deterred me from wearing my running gear to the doctor’s appointment and then driving straight to the race.

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Training Plans

A lot of what kept me from updating was that I was trying to nail down a training plan between running, quilting, and being social. Yes, quilting. People are having babies, I make ’em quilts. Running has taken up most of my time though. I started running my running club Monday nights at one of the local parks. Though I didn’t manage to make it this week… I was cat sitting and didn’t have enough time to stop home and head back out.

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