Race 6

This post comes far too late. 2 months late to be specific.

I ran a Turkey Trot in my area with my dad. It was for one of the local YMCA’s and thankfully a much smaller turn out than the nearest big city’s Thanksgiving race. I’m not one for large crowds or waiting for a long time to use the bathroom. Park was an issue last year when I ran the race Downtown, so I wanted something on a smaller scale this year. Plus I’ve been working around going out into the field which limits how far out I can buy my races.

The day was nice, wasn’t too cold which was a blessing. I was consistent in my time of thirty-three minutes to finish. Not too shabby, but I do need to start getting more speed work in. I know I can run at least a bit faster!


I can explain the absence…

Truly I can! The Monday after Thanksgiving I was sent out into the wild yonder again for work (ugh) for two weeks. That meant I couldn’t run one of the races I had planned, so I pawned the bib off on someone else. And by pawned I mean I handed it over for my dad to run. There are upsides to having runners in the family!

After two weeks of work I came down with some stomach issues and that transformed into a cold that lasted the remainder of December. I could not catch a break!

Then I had my trip to Disneyland to run the Star Wars Light Side Challenge (more to come!). That tied me up and distracted me from posting.I was getting last minute costumes together and making sure everything was in place for my friend and I to go out to California.

We’ve had a good smattering of snow in my area too. That has greatly reduced my running, much to my dismay. I don’t run well in the snow, in a large part because I run on a number of different surfaces so the cleats I put on my shoes tend to fall off. Hilarious if you’re not picky about how long it takes you to run three miles…

I’m going to try very hard to make sure I post more regularly. Expect posts about things besides running. Oh, I’m also currently getting over some version of the stomach bug. My health has not been great the past two months; sincerely hoping that changes!