Giving Thanks

This may come a day late, but I had a good reason for not posting yesterday. Like running a 5k in the morning and spending time with family.

I have a lot to give thanks for this year and a lot of people I am very grateful for. I can’t begin to even start listingĀ  people or why they helped me with certain topics. So, friends, strangers, and family aside I am grateful for my health. The ability to get up and run keeps me going on my hardest days (we all have those days that getting out from under the covers is a challenge).

My ability to get up and run has given me a focus and a challenge that I have desperately needed this past year as work has progressively gotten more stressful. As the work has become more of a mess as the year has progressed I found myself setting more and more running goals. It’s a stress relief and without it I think I’d find myself going majorly batty.

I look forward to the challenges that are in the year to come and sincerely hope my health continues to stay good.


For the Road

For my road trip I had the luck to have someone go with me. Which means I have the luxury of reading while we’re traveling across a few states. So what do I have with me?

Well not too much. I’ve got a list of a lingering 190 books on goodreads that I’m trying to get through and I refuse to go to the library until my pile of “to read” books gets down a lot farther. The lofty goal is not going so well… Should stop adding books to the pile…

Regardless I will have my kindle with books on it going out there. And two physical books (which are still very much up in the air). On my kindle are the following:

Cover image for You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)

I had this on hold for a while and need to get through it quickly. I may have forgotten I had borrowed it while I was trying to finish Gone Girl… Looking forwarding to reading it since I enjoy Felicia Day.

Cover image for Fallen

This book hasn’t been on my “to read” list for too long. But it was one of the few books that isn’t part of a series. Speaking of which I’ve got a sci fi series I need to finish, oh danish!

I figured this was appropriate since I run. Haven’t read too many running books lately. Been sticking mainly to sci fi, fantasy, and historical fiction. Might as well throw something relating to athletics in there to get me motivated through the cold months.

Just a bit of a break…

With this week being the holiday I had good intentions of getting a lot of running in this week. I’ve been slacking recently! In my defense, winter hit the area HARD last week. Only in Ohio does it go from 75 one day to 40 the next. Not a pleasant transition…

Regardless, I was all excited to pull out my cold weather clothing and figure out what I needed to stock up on (I normally put a pause on running during the winter because of SNOW). There’s just a slight change in plans…

I’m traveling a few states over for a quick business trip. It’ll mean essentially driving for the better part of two days. Not planning on bringing any running gear as it’s a there and back trip.

I do have a Turkey Trot on the docket for this week and I am gunning for a long run either Friday or Saturday (what better way to spend the shopping weekend!). Hopefully I can get a run in Wednesday and then fit my normal yoga in over the weekend. Tis going to be a busy start to the holiday season!

Let’s do the Twist

Or not. I’d actually rather prefer not to do any twisting…

Things have been rather slow on my end for a number of reasons again. Mostly because I managed to do some lovely twisting of my spine. No, I have not gone to a physical therapist yet. Yes. I know I need to.

I twisted my spine back in March and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. I’ve got a couple of balls in the air that mean I need to travel out of state for a bit and that’s putting off me making any appointments. So I’m hoping with a bit of stretching and yoga I can work some of my kinks out. And if it gets too bad I’ll tell my out of office work to shove it. But I’m taking the week of Thanksgiving off to relax. Maybe that’ll do it?

Does anyone have any good suggestions to stretch out one’s upper to middle back? Suggestions are much appreciated!

Race 4

In early October I tackled my 2016 New Years Resolution: run a half marathon.

This goal was originally set a few years ago. I think it was back in 2008 or so that my next door neighbor mentioned I should run a half with my dad (he averages 2 halfs a year and a few other smaller races). I had to agree, that was a great idea. Well in 2008, I was still in undergrad and then took a gap year before I went on to graduate school so no major running got done (I was working about 30 hours a week and taking classes).

As 2015 went by and one of my out of shape friends posted about running her own half marathon. Oh man, did that ever light up some competitiveness! Since I have ran on and off since high school I knew there was no way I could run my half without some MAJOR training before hand, so I decided 2016 would be my year. I got involved with a local running club, gained some friends who ran, and juggled my crazy schedule to run this half!

This was the original half marathon I wanted to do, though I signed up 2 weeks before hand (thanks work!). My mother actually convinced me to shell out the race fee because that was the only thing that held me back. So $70 poorer, I was signed up for my half!

The race itself was nice and cool along Lake Erie. I’d looked over the race course before hand and knew when the water stops were. They were roughly every 2 miles, so I switched between drinking water and poweraide at each one. The race did hand out some sort of guu, but since I’d never trained with it, I didn’t want to chance consuming it.

Overall, I ran the 13.1 miles in a little over 2 hours 30 minutes. I was trying to beat another one of my friends time, which I did (sorry C but it was good motivation!). My hips started to give me some protest about mile 10/11 which caused me to slow down a bit. Overall, it was addicting and I can’t wait to do my next one in January!

Please Pardon my Absence!

I had every intention of writing updates on Sundays and getting them queued for the weeks ahead. Life caught me unaware this past month!

After my half marathon work let me know that they were sending me back into the rural wilderness to document more buildings. And then three or so days after I came back from that they let me know I would be going there again (gee…thanks…). I wasn’t all too pleased since I am VERY much someone who plans out her weeks down to the minute, it keeps me organized, but I made due.

After my two weeks of fieldwork were covered I then had a week and a half of out of state training to attend to, so little got done then. I have been back in my home state for slightly over a week and have finally bounced back enough to get my running back on track and my life in order. Give it another week and I’m sure that’ll all change!

Race 5

My first race of November was put on by my local running club. It was a hilly, partially off road, 5 miler. Brought back pleasant memories of running in high school with most of the course being off road. Though the cow pies werent’ quite something that I’d ever had the pleasure of running past in high school…

The day started off a bit cold, but once the race got going I was warm by mile 2! The fluctuating weather in Northeast Ohio have made it a bit difficult to gauge what to wear when racing, especially these longer distances. I managed though!

Had a pleasant time passing people towards the end of the race. Managed to do a great job pacing myself a bit slower at the end so I could pass people towards the end of the race. Another gentleman and I kept passing each other during the race and I’m not quite sure who beat whom at the end! I lost track of him.

My time was hovering around 56 minutes, which was an improvement from the last 5 miler I did. The finish was downhill and I was trying to pass one last person before I crossed the finish line (that didn’t happen but it was super fun to try!).