Race 3

Still trying to catch up on posting these races! The third race I did was a last minute sign up. And by last minute, I mean 2 days before the race itself started. Technically the day before really…

I was out of town the week before this and trying to figure out if I could get this race in. The 5k benefited the local humane society, so I really wanted to run it! Luckily for me, I was able to sign up at the packet pick up. So grateful for that!

The packet pickup was just a cotton t-shirt and the bib number (there were some samples in there too, but I paid those forward to friends). I don’t mind getting the cotton race shirts. No, I don’t run in them (haven’t been able to do that since high school), my intention is to complete a t-shirt quilt with the shirts I pick up this year from races. Just not the tech shirts because I can train in those! Plus the cotton shirts are comfortable for me to wear around the house on my lazy days that I don’t feel like being too fancy.

Now the race itself was fairly nice. Not too hilly of a course which was a blessing since the weekend before was the race with the heat stress. I didn’t intend to go out too fast or push myself to hard, just in case. The weather was much cooler on the Saturday morning and it made the there and back course a breeze! I finished in 32 minutes, which wasn’t my best time. But I am not going to bat and eye at it. Still a respectable finish!


Race 2

There just so happens to be a National Register Historic District near where I live. It’s a very active community that has a lot of really neat shops and holds a number of fantastic events. One of them being a 5k in September.

I had wanted to run the race last year, but it was sold out by the time I got around to registering. This year I was better prepared! I registered for the race a few months ago to secure my place and sat back and waited for September to roll around.

There were quite a few things happening before the race, which made it a bit overwhelming. I had to pick up my packet because I was out of state the few days before hand (work again). This isn’t something I enjoy doing. It makes me feel rushed and I have to run things back to my car.

The packet included my bib number, a beer glass, tech t-shirt, and 3 post race drink tickets. While I don’t drink beer too often, this was one of the better beer glasses I’ve scored from a race. I prefer the shape over some of the smaller ones I’ve grabbed.

I showed up early to grab a parking spot, get my packet, and for the free pre-race yoga the local studio put on (it’s also the studio where I practice my yoga, but more on that another post!). The only draw back to showing up so early is that the race roads weren’t shut down until about an hour or so before the race (it makes me nervous to warm up when I’m not quite away and have to dodge cars).

The race itself was okay. The weather was hot and humid with a start time of 10:15am. The course was nice, it felt fairly flat though I’m almost certain we started running uphill. I didn’t hydrate nearly as well as I should have and got SUPER chilled, so the last half mile was awful. I tried to hydrate as much as I could post race. That meant forgoing the alcoholic drinks that my drink tickets could purchase. I stuck with a non-alcoholic smoothie and water. Though my legs were still sore for 3 days afterwards (hydrate properly people heat stress/stroke/whatever is NOT fun).

My time wasn’t ideal at 36 minutes, but I expected that with the heat/humidity combination. Luckily the average finish time was around 30 minutes, so I had people running by me the entire time. It made for a good, relaxed race for me. If I wanted to I could have chatted with some of the people who I was running with.

There also happened to be photography throughout the course. And oh man… The photos of me throughout the course are not pretty! You could tell I suffered through most of that race. But I finished and I was reminded that hydration is an important thing.



10-2 Training

Well, this week is going to be fun…

Sunday: Half marathon -goal: don’t die

Monday: Stretch/relearn how to walk

Tuesday: Yoga/ensure walking can be accomplished without pain

Wednesday: If my legs don’t feel wobbly, slow 3 miles

Thursday: rest day

Friday: 4 miles

Saturday: Rest day

Trying to take it easy this week as my first half is coming up. Expect a post on that over the weekend or early next week. I’m being cautious of how I think my legs will recover. It took a bit of time after the 10 miler for me to feel like walking wasn’t an issue. I’m anticipating that it’ll be about the same this go around and that I’ll need a mid morning nap. There will also be LOTS more stretching pre and post race.

9-25 Training… A wee bit late…

I meant to post this on Sunday, but there was a bit of snafu in my plans. You see, my weekend went from knowing I was going out of town on Monday, to not going out of town as of 8pm on Friday evening, to confirming I was going out of town on Tuesday morning as of 11am on Saturday. As someone who plans her week out in detail. I was not pleased that my schedule was so messed up in the matter of 24 hours. According to the woman I was communicating with, this is what the job entails. Lovely. I’d like my job to increase how many times I can go to a shrink without have to pay for it!

Since my running schedule was pretty much thrown to hell. I get a 6.5 mile run in on Sunday. Had hoped for more, but I had a few things planned on the 25th that I danced around. Monday I packed for my trip out of town and Tuesday I was on my way out of my home state.

Wednesday and Thursday I got about a mile and a half on an elliptical because the treadmill wouldn’t turn on in the hotel’s fitness center. My fitbit said I went double that distance (I like my fitbit’s distance a bit better…). And then Friday I was back on my way home. Talk about chaos.

While this week’s running wasn’t ideal. I have my first half marathon on Sunday and it was the game plan to take this week easy. Mission accomplished.