Race 1

This is far overdue! My first race was actually September 4th, just a few weeks ago. I was tickled pink to be able to find a 10 miler in my area. It’s a rather odd distance in itself. Runs typically are 5k, 10k, or some form of a marathon.

The race had the option of a 5k or a 10 miler at one of the outdoor shopping malls in the area. This meant parking was plentiful, which is always a bonus! I opted for the longer distance a few months back as it fit into my training plan for doing my half marathon (still don’t know which one I’m doing yet) and a friend had suggested that we run it together, following it up with cheesecake. Who can say no to post race cheesecake?! (the answer: not me)

Race day weather was fantastic. It was cool with a light breeze to start the day, that normally bodes well for me. I do awful when it’s humid. A lot of  that is that I don’t get enough water prior to the race and it goes NOT go well. I really need to find someone to watch/cheer me on at these races so I can just leave stuff with them (willing to bribe people with cookies too….)

The race started at 7:30a with the 5k starting at 7:40a. I enjoy early starts for races. Being up early is my thing. Racing is even better because I just go with the understanding that I get to be left alone for a little while (in this case over an hour). It’s also one of the cooler parts of the day, so I really don’t mind.

With the course being fairly flat and tree covered it made for an easy run. Plus, flat and shady is pretty much the best course ever. There were plenty of police and firefighters to ensure that no one got ran over too. Luckily, this race didn’t have that problem (blocking off streets always seems to bring out the impatient residents who just want to plow you over).

I ran the 10 miles in just over 2 hours. So about 10 minutes for a mile. Which I can’t complain about! I also got a lovely finisher’s medal in addition to the race shirt. But the most important part was the cheesecake I grabbed with friends. Made it all worth it!


9-18 Training

Training the week of September 18th… Kinda…

Well, this week started out with a race. That funks up my schedule a bit since Sunday is normally a rest day for me. I’ve also got to fit in book club, running club, and Bible study this week. Such a tangled schedule to try and fit running into it as well!

The schedule got super funked up as I got so busy the past few days! I’ve managed to hit Monday through Wednesday head on, hoping the rest of the week pans out.

Monday: 3-4 miles and yoga
Tuesday: rest day
Wednesday: speed workout
Thursday: 3-4 miles, if possible
Friday: 5ish miles, trail running if possible.
Saturday: Long run 9-11 miles. Yoga sometime during the day too

Just some goals

I don’t have too many goals that I want to accomplish related to running throughout this year. Finishing 30 races is my main goal. But there are some of the things I would like to accomplish:

Run a 5k
Run a 10k
Run a half marathon
Run a race out of state
Run in cosplay
Run a sub 30 minute 5k
Run a race for a charitable organization
Run two races in a weekend (preferably 2 5ks)
Run a night race
Run a race with a friend
Run a Christmas themed race
Run a turkey trot
Run a race every weekend for a month
Run the Flying Pig
Run at least 30 races

Stretch goal: run a marathon

A slow start

I’ve been witness to a number of friends over the past few years turning 29 and doing the celebratory “30 before 30” challenges. As it dawned on me that my 29th was coming up I contemplated doing something similar to their challenges. It seemed like a good idea as I kind of lost count of how old I was between the ages of 25 and 28 (those weren’t important years anyway…). Maybe doing some sort of 30 before 30 thing was a good idea. Maybe??

My 15 minute brain storming session in March collected a mere 10 ideas to do over the course of the year beginning at the end of August. They were mainly running related as well. After setting the list aside for a few months an idea dawned on me. I could do 30 runs over the course of a year as a 30 before 30 challenge! Threading some challenges through the lot of them wouldn’t be too bad as there are a number of races in my area over the course of the year. It does do this thing called “snow” in Ohio during part of the year, so planning accordingly would be important. But it all seemed possible.

Flash forward a bit and my planning for what I was going to run didn’t get so far. I’ve got four races planned and entry fees purchased so far between September 2016 and September 2017. The rest of the 2016s races are planned out to an extent. And by planned I mean I have a list of ones that I want to run and are within my budget to do written down on a piece of paper. Kinda hoping I don’t lose said paper…

There’s only one wrench in my plan. Work. In my line of work there is a small chance that I’ll have to go out into the field for a few weeks a month (normally it’s 1-2 weeks, if I get the chance at all). This creates a bit of a problem as it throws my training schedule off and kinda kills any weekend plans because I’m expected to work on Saturdays (joyous, right??). Every now and again there’s group training as well that takes me out of state for a week. Luckily that meeting happens maybe once a year and we get advanced notice of it.

Annoyances aside, it is still my goal to get at least 30 runs done over the course of the year. This will take some meticulous planning, dedication, training, and who knows, maybe a few sacrifices, to make this possible.

If all else, this should be a fun and entertaining journey!

And yes, I realize this is three weeks after the end of August. I had a few really busy weeks and an internet issue, else this would have been posted much more promptly.