Race 30: Rock Hall Half

There was a bit of travel that knocked off my writing schedule a bit. I had wanted to get this post up days ago, because it’s RACE THIRTY!!!

I managed to get my 30 races in before my birthday, with 10 days to spare too. Over the past year the half marathon has quickly become my favorite distance to run so it felt appropriate to end my running goal with this race.


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Race 27: The Johnnycake Jog

Sorry for the delay again! I was interviewing for an out of state job that I did not get and I also was dealing with a hornet sting followed by an infection. Past few weeks have been crazy. BUT I did run a few races with all the crazy going on (just forgot to write about ’em…)

So, this race was one I’d been looking forward to all year! It was the first race I ran back in high school that wasn’t a cross country race. It’s a 5 miler and quite a big race. There’s always an interesting running pool and crowd. It’s one of the few races that people are sitting outside of their homes to cheer on a large group of strangers running down the street.

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